Are you ready to sell your home? It's likely that you have taken a while to come to this decision. Or maybe not, maybe a sudden family event or job opportunity came up. Whatever your situation, the important thing is that you have the right guidance!

I'm Kelly with K & K Homes Group and I will take care of you. I am an experienced realtor and I've surrounded myself with the best team of professionals to make selling your home a smooth and stress-free process.

It's true. There are a lot of details and steps in the selling process. But it's my job to worry that all of those steps happen and happen correctly, so you don't have to.

I want to sell your home fast and get you the best offer possible; and I'll do everything in my power to make that happen.

Below is a summary overview of what is involved with selling your home. 

Home Sale Timeline

Pre-Listing - First, we'll meet and go over my listing presentation. We'll discuss my suggested strategy for selling your home and answer any questions you may have. Once we've completed that step I'll put our listing agreement in place and establish the right sales price for your home. I'll make sure we get fantastic photos of each room in your house for our marketing efforts, install a lockbox and create a compelling property brochure.

Active - I have many vehicles to market your home but I'll start with an open house. I'll get feedback from agents & potential buyers and use this information to make adjustments to our marketing, if needed.

Under Contract - Once I receive offers, I'll negotiate the best deal for you; one that you'll want to accept. If back-up offers come in, we'll manage those with you making sure you're comfortable with your final sale. An inspection and appraisal will happen, HOA or condo docs will be delivered and then you'll be ready for settlement!

Process of Marketing Your Home

Staging - Staging has been proven to sell a home for more money in less time. Although staging is not for every home, I will guide you through the decision of choosing staging vendors or virtual staging.

Photography - Showing your home at it's very best is extremely important for a first impression to any potential buyers. I will make sure our photographer captures the perfect pictures to showcase your home the way it should be.

Coming Soon Campaign - I will begin marketing your home, with your permission, to my large database of buyers and extensive network of agents to let them know about the "coming soon" property.

Brochures - Professionally designed and commercially printed, a K & K Homes Group brochure will give potential buyers something to take away after viewing your home and market your home in the best possible way.

Premier Exposure -,, and as well as on

Facebook Marketing - As everyone knows, Facebook has an immense number of users; 1.6 Billion to be specific. The number of dedicated users that Facebook has is unprecedented and allows me to be extremely targeted when creating ads. I can target your future buyer by age, income, location, interests and so much more. I can even exclude certain demographics in order to maximize how I spend advertising dollars.

Email Blasts - Clean, simple and direct emails will be put on blast. They feature your home in the best light to agents, buyers and anyone interested in your home. 

Video - Video is a major way of advertising a home. It gives a buyer a different perspective of the home, it's layout and floor plan. 

Feedback - I will give you feedback received from prospective Buyers and Agents regarding your home, to allow you to make needed changes to your home selling strategy.